Play at an Online Casino With Simple Sic Bo Strategy

Sic Bo, commonly known as Tai/Sai (Big/Small), has become a very popular game among Chinese gamblers. It is one of the most popular online casino games with live-dealer. Sic Bo has many different bets, just like other casino games. Sic Bo’s most popular strategy revolves around choosing bets with a low house advantage to increase winning chances. Let’s take a look at some strategies players use when playing Sic Bo online.

House edge is the advantage of the casino to earn a long-term profit. This is what makes online gaming the most lucrative industry. You should avoid betting on bets that have a high house edge to reduce your chance of losing. Sic Bo is a broad game that offers many different bets 원화. Each bet has a different house advantage so players can quickly calculate the correct one based on the payout. If you are new to the game you will find it easier to identify which bets have more advantage.

Because Sic Bo uses three dices, the outcome of each game can vary from 3-18. The “Small” wager wins when the total of the three dices is between 4-10, unless the three dices display the same number. Similar to the “Small” bet, the “Big” one wins if all three dices indicate the number between 11-17 except that they show the same number. Both “Small” and “Big”, both pay even money with a house edge at 2.78%. Sic Bo tables also offer “Big” and small bets. Some tables also have “Even”, and “Odd,” even-money bets. Similar to “Big”, “Small” and “Small”, these betting zones have a house edge (2.78%) and can lose if three dice are the same.

Even-money bets have the lowest house edge. Players have the best winning chance if they choose to place their bets on even-money betting areas. Sic Bo’s easiest betting strategy is to place your wager on even-money areas, such as “Big”, “Small”, or “Even”, which will give you a 49 percent chance of winning.

Also, you should know which bets have high odds of winning. “Two of a Kind”, one of these bets, is one of them. You win when you wager on two numbers. If two of the three dices are identical to your numbers, you win. The house advantage is 16.67% and the bet pays at 5 to 1. This is one of the most popular bets at Sic Bo. You should not place these bets unless you are prepared to lose and have good luck beating the house edge. You should also avoid “Three of the same”, which pays out 7-1 and has a house advantage of 11.11%.

Bets that have high house edges are more likely to result in higher payouts. However, this is where most players lose their cash. Avoid betting on areas that have high payouts, or high house edge, to try and win big.


Sic Bo can be a very simple game but it offers many different betting options with different house benefits. Sic Bo’s easiest strategy for winning is to avoid betting on areas with a high house advantage, even though these have high payouts.

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